Kennedy Carpet Care serves customers who are living in the Tarboro, Rocky Mount and Wilson, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Even though we work with several customers on a daily basis, the goal remains the same. We want to serve our customers with integrity and give them excellent service.

There are many ways that you can benefit from using our mold removal service. It is important to remember that mold is a health hazard. Mold has been shown to cause throat irritation, eye irritation, coughing and wheezing. People who already have health problems are more likely to develop symptoms when they are exposed to mold.

Mold removal will also prevent the mold from spreading. Many of the do-it-yourself methods that people use to remove mold can actually contribute to the spread of mold. That is why it is important to hire a professional.

Furthermore, a professional can discover the source of the mold. Eliminating the source will prevent the mold from returning. Kennedy Carpet Care has technicians who are professional and experienced. We also use high-quality cleaning solutions to get rid of the mold.

Call us today if you need mold removal. We will be happy to perform this important service for you. We will make sure that you are satisfied with the service.

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